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  RIT Explained  
RIT = IRT (Item Response Theory)

Some companies such as the NWEA have taken Georg Rasch's mathematical model to the next level and created their own RIT bands.  The NWEA has created their own tests and called it MAP®  (Measure of Academic Progress)

The dynamics are more complex than thi explanation, but the basic model that Georg Rasch came up with was a test that adapts to the questions answered.  So a student will be presented with different difficulty levels depending on if the student answered the previous question correctly or not.  The student maybe presented with a more difficult concept if he/she answered the previous question correctly, or a less difficult concept if the previous question was answered incorrectly.  RIT or IRT bands are then created based on the amount of data in the system, so that teachers can determine how students compare to one another across the data base. 

The NWEA and other companies keep their data secret, so all the questions and quizzes presented are based on release questions and curriculum guidelines. 

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